South Sea Pearl Australia P/L
ABN 083 520 861

Suite 402/125 Swanston Street
Melbourne Victoria 3000

T 61 +3 9663 9834

ssp about us

South Sea Pearl Australia sell products in the following ways:


Matched pairs on plastic cards in a variety of sizes and shapes, ranging from 9mm to 18mm, and in round drop, baroque and keshi for selection by the customer


We carry bags of loose pearls for pendants and rings in various sizes, colours and shapes for selection by the customer


The most economical way to purchase pearls, we offer small parcels of varying sized pearls (though same colour and quality) for customers to make up bracelets, pendants, etc.


Various types of necklaces are made up and drilled in our office.  We generally have a large selection of round, baroque, keshi and button necklaces in both South Sea white and gold, as well as Tahitian pearls.  Most of our necklaces are made up to the standard necklace size called “choker” (35.6cm to 40.6cm or 14in to 16in).  We can, on request, make up necklaces in the following sizes:
Princess:  43.2cm to 48.3cm (17in-19 in) long.
Matinee:  50.8cm to 61cm (20in-24i) long.
Opera:  76.2cm to 91.4cm (30in-36in) long.  This strand can be doubled up.


We carry a wide range of 18ct yellow and white gold clasps (as well as a selection of 9ct gold clasps) manufactured by one of the best clasp makers in Europe.  We also stock pearl pendant pins and stud findings.

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